• About Us

    Aubade Constructions is a family run contract building business working out of Margaret River. Established in 1995 by Phil and Geraldine Hoban, we have been involved in a wide variety of projects both commercial and residential, mostly in the Margaret River region ranging from small renovations to multimillion dollar, one off architectural works.

    Aubade has won numerous awards through the Master Builders Association including the 2000 overall best country home for the South west region and the Inaugural award for ‘Best Building Practice’, sponsored by the Builders Registration Board. Many of our projects regularly top their award category and we have won many environmental awards and awards for specific trade excellence.

    We are lucky to have gained and retained the services of the best possible tradespeople available in the area. It is through their expertise and ability that Aubade Constructions are able to guarantee clients the highest level of quality, and building excellence.

  • AIMS

    At Aubade our aims are 3 fold


    We endeavour to make the building process as enjoyable and pain free as possible by establishing a collaborative rather than adversarial approach whereby all parties are looking to the best final outcome for our clients. We are aware that it is our clients we are building for and that ultimately client satisfaction is paramount.


    At Aubade we contract only the highest quality tradespeople and are interested in achieving new and higher levels of quality. We view each project as a whole and from the outset endeavour to reach the best outcome in all aspects of our projects


    Aubade Constructions maintains a high focus on all aspects of sustainability with emphasis on

    Design and solar aspect



    We believe light in a building is of primary importance and will make the difference between a liveable environment and one that is less appealing. To this end we have established working relationships with architects and designers who are environmentally aware

    We encourage the use of energy efficient technology within our projects including photovoltaic generation of electricity, solar and heat pump technologies for hot water generation and heating among other concepts. We are always open to new technologies and are eager to further our knowledge and experience in this area.

    We consider the longevity of a structure and lack of future maintenance as integral to the sustainability of a project. Thus we build to last as this is the best use of the resources involved.

  • services

    As Building contractors we are involved in a complete variety of projects both large and small including the following services


    Aubade Constructions can assist in all matters of planning your project and its documentation. We are able to suggest the services of various local architects and designers liaise with the local authorities and deal with all administration and documentation both prior to building and throughout the process. Further, we can explain and simplify the whole process .


    Offering skilled administration Aubade Construction’s abilities including accurate take off of quantities and pricing thereof, project planning, scheduling of materials and contractors and client liaison. We have a depth of computer knowledge and the appropriate software to ensure the smooth running of all our projects. We maintain good working relationships with all our contractors and suppliers and local authorities.


    At Aubade we have extensive experience in both renovating and extending existing structures. We are sensitive to heritage issues where necessary and aim to make a sometimes difficult and interrupting process as smooth as possible. We tackle all jobs from pergolas to complete house renovations and large extensions.

  • services continued


    This is Aubade Construction’s primary activity and we have been involved recently in projects ranging from $240 000 to $2 600 000 in value. We are experienced in the use of most building materials including complete timber construction, concrete both on ground and suspended, brickwork, rammed earth and feature stonework and tiled, iron, slate and shingle roofing. There is not much we have not tackled successfully!


    Aubade has been involved in numerous commercial projects over the years including private and government/corporate clients. We are aware of the various factors required for differing classes of buildings including public buildings, disabled access issues and commercial kitchens.


    We pride ourselves in our prompt and full attention to the small teething issues that sometimes occur once a project has been completed. We make ourselves available at all business times and answer calls promptly. We take steps to immediately rectify any problems and ensure these tasks are fully completed.

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  • Contact Details

    Aubade Constructions
    Phil & Geraldine Hoban
    PO Box 871
    Margaret River
    WA 6285

    Mobile:0419 965 826
    Phone/Fax:08 9757 1508

    Builders Registration 14091
    Aubade Investments Pty Ltd ABN 74 158 953 774 as trustee for the P & G Trading Trust

    Master Builders Association - South West region








    Winner Contract Homes $1 500 000 to $3 000 000
    Waterwise award
    Excellence in ceilings

    Excellence in roof tiling

    Winner Contract homes $250 000 to $300 000
    Winner Contract homes $350 000 to $400 000
    Winner Contract homes $500 000 to $750 000
    Excellence in Environmental Awareness award

    Waterwise Award
    Environmental Home Award

    Inaugural Award for Excellence in Building Practice

    Winner Contract Homes $250 000 and over
    Winner Best Country Home award

    Winner Alterations and Additions Award
    Excellence in Rockwork award